Update 7/9/16: I recently bought the HTML5 module for GM:S and decided to test it by making a web version of this game. However, for some reason alarms don't work in the web version so I've removed them. Normally there would be a 2 second delay before the room restarts when you die or when you finish the level and go to the next room, but not in the web version. Otherwise, it's exactly the same as the Windows version.

Clocks is a platform game about repairing clocks, created for Ludum Dare 36.


Arrow keys to move left/right and to jump.
Down key to repair platforms.

Find all the parts and then find the clock to finish the level.

This is my first time doing Ludum Dare.

Game created using GameMaker Studio.
Art created using Aseprite and GIMP.
Sound FX created using ChipTone.

Pickup FX by wildweasel

Clock FX by bart

Background music "Cycles" by Jason Shaw


Clocks.exe 3 MB

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