Created for Ludum Dare 38. ($21014)

A Small World is a game where you create snow globes for customers.


  • Create a snow globe following the customer's description.
  • Left-click to select parts, right-click to select a second figure.
  • Each snow globe must have a base and ground before you can add other parts.
  • A small snow globe must have one figure, a medium must have one figure and one background object and a large must have two figures and one background object.
  • Once you've finished your snow globe, click the tick in the bottom-right.

(The fall parts can be selected but they don't do anything 'cause I ran out of time.)

This game is unfinished but I got the basic gameplay done, might finish it at a later date if I feel like it.



a_small_world_LD38.exe 3 MB

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